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  • Will Handley

Update 2 - The test results are confirmed.

Hi everyone

We wanted to post an update first and foremost to thank everybody for their immense generosity and support in taking the figure raised to over £80,000 in just one fortnight.

We saw the team at the Royal Marsden at the end of last week to learn the results of Esme's most recent bone marrow biopsy (...the one from which she had the adverse reaction to the anaesthetic which landed us back on her old ward for three nights).

Sadly, the results have revealed the same as the first; strongly positive for leukaemic cells in marrow. Our lead consultant has indicated he thinks Ezzie will definitely need a round of chemotherapy within the fortnight followed by a transplant ....but beyond that literally everything remains up in the air...

Whilst the Marsden have made positive nosies about taking us on as private patients, the detailed costs are still pending and there's not yet even any agreement in principle, funding notwithstanding.

All of the above as led us to re-double efforts to raise our £500k target and today Esme's story was featured by the Sun Online here:


It wasn't an easy interview for Rebecca to give ...but hopefully it gets the message out. To ensure the article gets maximum exposure, we'd be hugely grateful if any of you feel inclined to share it out on Facebook or Twitter.

Lots of love

Will, Rebecca and Esme x