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  • Will Handley

Update 4 - A truly amazing fundraising effort

Hi everyone

Firstly thanks to everybody who's chosen to join Esme's pride of supporters since our last update.

We can't quite believe that thanks to your immense generosity we've been able to raise over a quarter of a million pounds in just over four weeks for our little lion cub’s treatment .

Rebecca and I had really hoped to be in a position to provide a concrete update on the medical plan this weekend but, despite some very lengthy but positive conversations, we lack a firm commitment in writing and as such we’re still effectively in a kind of limbo...

We do though hope to have firm news early next week covering treatment centre, costs and timings...

In the meanwhile, thankfully, Esme has had a fun week tearing round a number of South London parks pursuing her latest passion for discovering insects and building stick piles. These days out are the definition of bitter sweet for us as we’re both haunted by our knowledge of the challenges to come but of course Esme is none the wiser...

Lastly we wanted to thank Esme’s amazing pride of supporters who have organised a huge amount of fundraising initiatives from BBQs, scavenger hunts, stalls at summer fairs and cake sales to golf days, endurance courses and sponsored bike rides. As a reminder, if anyone wants to get hold of Esme Lion Heart t-shirts or posters for an event or discuss a fundraising idea, please email info@esmelionheart.org

With love and deepest thanks, Will, Rebecca and Esme x